Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Been a while since my last post but wanted to post another so I don't let my blog get too stale. I've really been enjoying spring. Images of the flowers that have been poking their heads through the soil much earlier this year than in past years have been a source of inspiration to me this spring. That combined with the warmer weather has gotten me out the door more often with my camera in my hand which has helped my photography more than anything else. If you want to get better, you gotta shoot!

I've been discovering a few new technical bits which I knew but didn't know. Wait, what? Yeah, I know, it's confusing. I know that DOF is controlled by focal length, distance, and aperture, however, I kinda forgot about this as I was doing a lot of shooting lately. I think my images have been a bit soft because my DOF was too shallow. Another issue which seems to have cropped up is focus. I think I can manually focus better than the auto-focus. I haven't done a scientific type test of this problem, however since I've been paying closer attention to DOF and focussing manually I've been getting some nicer shots. Really, though, I think it's all about shooting more and more.

The weather in Canada is getting nicer. Get out and get shootin'!
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