Monday, October 21, 2013

Photographer, Heal Thyself

For those who went out during Nocturne this past Saturday to enjoy the art shows I'm sure you ran into lots of issues trying to photograph at night. I know in the heat of the moment I totally forgot how to properly photograph Incendia Motus. You can see on of my images below.  In my brain, I kept thinking this is night time.  So, ISO 1600, f1.8, and 1/125sec seemed reasonable and the small screen on the back showed a decent image.  However, I didn't check or rely on my histogram.  Oh, woe is me.

Incendia Motus at Nocturne

Had I checked, I would have realized that the flame was completely blown out.  Maybe then I would have tried ISO 800, ISO 400 and then maybe move to 1/250 or 1/500 and then maybe f4, f5.6.  Had I done that I might have ended up with a decent shot.

A blast of flame puts out a lot of light.  So, my friends, when you go next year you'll see me sitting down in front of Incendia Motus again but this time I will not forget.  This time I will make sure I take my time.  I may end up there for 3 straight hours but I'm not leaving until I get the shot I want.  My karate moto will spill over into my photography and with peace, perseverance, and hard work, I will reach my goal.

Cheers for now, see you next year in front of the Incendia Motus stage.