Sunday, July 12, 2015

Moved by the Music

TD Halifax Jazz Festival 2015

I volunteered to photograph the TD Halifax Jazz Festival this week. I'm not a huge jazz fan but I liked the idea of photographing musicians so I thought I'd "put up" with the music and take the opportunity to explore a new area of photography.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I went down to the main stage on the waterfront and photographed the bands. There was some very nice music, most of it sounded quite nice and you can find a number of photos over on my Flickr album.

The shot above, however, is Jane Ira Bloom. Her, Jerry Granelli, Julian Priester, and J. Anthony Granelli wove a spell of music as I literally had to crawl around on the floor in front of the stage at The Bus Stop Theatre on Friday night.

The venue is not very big and news of Jerry Granelli (below) packed them in wall to wall.  There was maybe three feet between the audience that was sitting on the floor and the stage.  That was the room I had to work in.  If I stood up I would have been obstructing the view of the paying customers so I had to sneak and crawl around on the floor.

It was worth every minute of it.  The music that those musicians teased out of those instruments was amazing and I think I may have been converted into a jazz fan.  I'm going to have to find more music like that as it was awesome.

TD Halifax Jazz Festival 2015