Sunday, February 05, 2012

Winter Blahs

Alright, I'm getting tired of winter already!  I hope the Canadian groundhogs are right and it's an early spring as I am really looking forward to spring already.

It's February 5th and even though I've been out shooting on a couple of different days so far I've only taken about 40-50 frames.  At this rate I won't likely take more than 300 frames this month.  On an average summer month I'll get out and take anywhere from 800 to 1200 frames.

I know, I know.  Why does it matter how many frames I shoot in a given month?  Well, I really love the act of making images.  It gives me joy and the cold grey months of winter steal that joy from me.  Part of the problem is not wanting to go out in the cold.  But most of the problem is a lack of inspiration in the cold, grey months because I have been bundling up and getting out there but I can't seem to find anything I really want to photograph.

With spring, colour returns to the world and until then, I'll just have to struggle through.  It might be easier if we'd get a bit more sun but it mostly rains in Halifax these days.
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