Thursday, January 08, 2015

Making it Work

I finished my second family shoot back before the holidays and I've just been so busy I haven't had a chance to really share the experience.  I really enjoyed getting out and photographing this lovely family and though we weren't out for very long and the weather wasn't very cooperative we got a couple of decent shots for the holidays.

The big struggle was to make something work.  It was a frigid day. The wind and cold conspired to make it a difficult shoot.  Our first location, the waterfront seemed like a great idea.  It was the holidays and there was a Christmas tree at Bishop's Landing and the harbour makes a nice background for portraits.  Unfortunately, after we got there we noticed that the tree looked miserable and lonely in the light of a winter morning and the wind coming in off the harbour was bitingly cold.  I need to do better locations scouting to avoid these types of issues.

We did manage to get a a few shots there, including my favourite of the day.  Mom was making some final adjustments before we even got officially started and I loved the interaction between the two and captured this moment.

Mother and Daughter

While we got a few shots on the waterfront that I thought were reasonably decent, I didn't feel like we managed to get the holiday family photo that I thought they desired.  So in order to try and save the day we moved down to Point Pleasant Park where we hoped the wind would be blocked by land and trees and possibly offer up a slightly warmer experience.  Unfortunately, it was still pretty cold in the park and it brought an early end to the shoot but not before getting at least one decent family portrait for them to have for the holidays.


So, we made it work that day and I promised them we could get together again when the weather was more cooperative.  Hopefully, I'll get to see them for another session in the spring and get another opportunity to make some awesome family photos they can have for a lifetime.