Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Night Time Challenges

This past Saturday evening found me out shooting for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk.  If you are a photographer and have never tried it I highly recommend you sign up for it next year.  It's a great time to meet some other photographers and just a great time getting out and photographing.  This year's photowalk in Halifax coincided with Nocturne Halifax so there was a lot to see and photograph.

I found this year very challenging as it was an evening shoot and I really haven't done any night time photography.  While the principles are the same, finding the light is a different process as you generally have very little light with which to work.  Combine that with the poor low light performance of my Canon Rebel XSi and I found it very difficult.  More night time practice required!

I thought I'd give myself some more light so I pulled out my flash but I found the bright white flash really ruins the mood of night time shooting.  The warm orange glow of the fire from Incendia Motus' show was decimated by the flash.  I have some research to do around solving this issue.

Regardless of the challenges it was a wonderful, if a bit chilly, evening and I really enjoyed getting out and photographing the streets of Halifax.
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