Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reflecting at the Park

Got lucky with this one. Had gone downtown to re-shoot Charmichael St. from the Parade Square in an attempt to get a decent shot for the November assignment.

Not having any luck I decided to go home and on the way I wandered past the Public Gardens and noticed the way the sun was streaming across the park as it was starting to set. I parked and went for a stroll in the park where I spotted a gentleman sitting on a bench in the sun. I noticed the reflections in the water and the man reflecting on his thoughts. I thought the two fit together nicely and framed up the shot.

There was a fair bit of luck involved in showing up at the right time and the right spot but there was also a fair bit of artistic vision when the opportunity arose. Keep your eyes open and keep shootin'. If things aren't working out the way you want then go for a drive and maybe a new venue will present new opportunities.

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