Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Signs of Interest

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs. Blockin' up the scenery, breakin' my mind. Boring signs suck. They block the view and are generally annoying when you have your camera in hand. There are exceptions though and these exceptions are reserved for signs in which people have put some thought. I really like those signs. Ones that catch your eye and make you look a little deeper. We seem to have quite a few around Halifax which is not a big city. If you visit my Flickr photostream you'll find a few of the ones I've seen around town.

The one you see here (above) is one I stumbled across on Tuesday while out for a lunch time walk. It's a small sign but you can tell someone has put some heart into it. Strange Adventures is a comic book shop here in Halifax and this sign found on the front of their store makes you look twice. The colours are nice and the image makes you think a bit. I also wonder if they have one like this on the front of the Fredericton store.
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