Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Power of Spontaneity


I got this shot back on April 29th while out for a lunch time photowalk with a friend.  He and I were walking along the Halifax waterfront enjoying the nice weather and looking for interesting moments in time to capture.  We turned a corner and there was this woman sitting on the bench with her two dogs.  We stopped to ask her if she minded if we took her photograph and this is the shot that I got from that.

You haven't seen it posted before now because it paled in comparison to the photograph I saw when I first turned the corner.  When I first turned the corner the woman was sitting in the middle of the bench.  The dogs were sitting, one on each side of her feet, in almost the exact pose that you'll see sculptures of lions in as they guard the entrance to a building or some such.  Paws out in front, head up, scanning the crowd, protecting their owner.

By getting closer and stopping to ask permission, we disturbed the scene.  I wish I could have shared with you the image I saw that day before we disturbed the scene, unfortunately it's gone forever.

Tell me what you think?  Ask permission or beg forgiveness?

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