Sunday, November 11, 2012

Always Be Ready

Educational Zombies
Educational Zombies wouldn't have happened if I didn't have my camera at the ready.  In this case I had my camera in hand, the lens cap off and settings selected for walking as I was strolling down Barrington Street heading for the bus after work.

I didn't know these students were going to be walking down the street as zombies to protest that they are being eaten alive by the high cost of debt and they walked by at a reasonably brisk pace and so I only got off a few shots.

Apparently, having a camera pointed at you makes you smile and even though I took several shots as they walked past one or the other had a smile on their face so I picked the best one out of the bunch.

Even so, I'm happy I got it and I would not have gotten it if my camera was in the bag with the lens cap on or even worse, at home.  It's for moments like this that I take my camera pretty much everywhere I go.

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