Friday, November 02, 2012

Photographing The Homeless

A Brief Respite

Generally, I don't like to photograph the homeless people in Halifax.  I sometimes feel like I'm invading their private space even though it is the same space as my public space.  Browse through my published photographs and you'll find a few photos of homeless people so why do I contradict myself?

The reason I post my images in the first place is to share my view of the world.  Lately, I've really been more aware of the plight of the homeless in Halifax and when I think about the millions of dollars that float around in the entertainment and sports industries it makes me feel sad. $20,000,000 paid to an actor to make a movie.  $100,000,000 for a fellow who plays baseball or football.  I can't help but think how much that money would help these people.

It's not just the actor or baseball player here.  They have fought to get their share of the obscene amount of money being brought in by the studios and the team owners.  And let's not forget about the business people playing the markets and/or making fortunes from real estate.

I honestly do not know how to fix the disparity here but if I can help more people recognize the disparity exists then I think I've helped in some way which makes the world a better place.


Anonymous said...

I think the problem most people have with photographing the homeless is that it's been done ad nauseum.

I like the shot, but not because of the message.

Iguanasan said...

Yes, Anonymous, I agree. It has been very overdone. Hence the reason why I prefer not to continue to exploit them the way others have done.

As for the shot, thanks! :)