Saturday, December 28, 2013


I learned a valuable lesson in patience a couple of weeks ago.

The Sackville Photography Club had planned a field trip for Saturday, December 21.  It was a "Sunrise on the Arm" field trip because for about one week near the winter solstice the sun rises up pretty much in line with the Northwest Arm hear in Halifax.

I was interested in attending, however, it was only a few days until Christmas and I was not very prepared for the holidays so I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get out for very long.  I checked the forecast on Wednesday prior to the field trip and noticed that Thursday morning was supposed to be sunny but Friday and Saturday called for rain.  So, I hatched a plan.  I would pack my gear and stop at the Arm on the way to work that morning.

I got up early but still managed to get out the door a bit late.  I arrived at the Armdale Roundabout at about 7:35am.  I had very little time to prepare with sunrise expected at 7:45am.  I broke out my tripod and my camera and set everything up to get ready for the sunrise.  At 7:45am I managed to get the above shot.  Sunrise had come and gone and it was a big let down.

Knowing I had to hoof it to work I grumpily packed up all my gear.  Stowed the camera and the tripod and then put my backpack on.  When I stood up and turned around I noticed that the sky was changing.  Sure sunrise had come and gone but as the sun broke through the cloud layer a fire red sun was poking through.  I quickly pulled out my gear and set it up again.  And that's how I managed to get the following two shots.  This time I was time, I'll have patience.

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